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Brief Profiles of the Authors:

- Genevieve Bushong is the oldest of 10 children. She is an outgoing person who loves to share her love of life and experiences in life with others. 

She is well traveled; having lived in California, Arizona, Texas and Washington State and having visited Oregon, Illinois, New York,

Washington D.C., Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, England and Nigeria. 

She loves to learn new cultures and understand how our cultures impact or reactions to life and the decisions we make in life. She also enjoys tasting their unique foods, as long as they are not too spicy. 

Because of her love for mankind and for her Inspiring Husband she was moved to write this book.


- Irikefe Onovakpuri is the youngest of 12 children with lots of love for his mother, father, brothers, sisters and entire family. His family extends to the whole human race.  He knows no strangers. He is a global traveler with global knowledge giving him the uniqueness and know-how to interact with his fellowman in Love, Peace and Harmony. 

Because he swims in the pool or ocean of high code of moral values and has been engulfed with generous love for mankind in general, he was motivated to write this book. He describes it as his “desire to calm down the agitation and roaring of the sea of humanity and clothe mankind itself with more unity and peace.”