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Comments from the Editor: 

Readers of all walks of life will enjoy reading this in-depth and informative book. It is coupled with humor, as well as being insightful and inspirational. It is a guide to appreciate not only human behavior, but also how to have successful relationships with family, friends and marriage mates. It extends toward having respect for all living things including animals and domesticated pets.

   Most importantly, it helps one to appreciate what is usually taken for granted by those dedicated servants of our community. Our firemen, nurses, doctors, teachers, spiritual leaders have made impacts in our personal lives at one point or another. They too have a place and a key to our hearts throughout our life time.

   It encourages one to reflect on memories momentarily forgotten of past family and friendships. The reader will find informative facts that perhaps had never been considered as having any value. Qualities and morals are promoted and encouraged throughout this book to remain as keys to our hearts.

This book is a "Key to the Heart" of all ages!    

                                                                                                                                 Mary E. Alson MA. Ed. PhD Counselor